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Morel of the Week: Money on the Fox Chain

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Chuck Rogers was money finding a good pile of morels two weeks ago and earned Morel of the Week honors.


Here's the Lockport man's brief note:

I found this pile of fresh Morels all around 3 dying Elm's and thought I would share it with you and maybe become MOTW. All found up by the Fox Chain.

There is a key nugget in there--three dying elms--for finding morels.

I have to admit, I don't often hear of the Chain as a prime place for morel hunting. Interesting.


I received quite a few good nominations this month. So I may run MOTW, which tops the Field Notes on the outdours page of the Sun-Times each Sunday, well into June. An online version appears here, usually on Sunday.

If there are some end of the season morel photos and stories for MOTW, e-mail

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Here is my morel story. Just wrote it today. Enjoy!

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