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Mazonia: Topwater crappie

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So I am playing around at the Mazonia lakes yesterday afternoon.


And it was as every bit as perfect as I would have expected a cloudy early May afternoon to be.

Late afternoon, some fish started busting the surface, so I tied on a Skitter Pop.

First cast, boom, caught a crappie.

And I am not talking some monster 15- or 16-inch crappie, just a regular northern Illinois 9-incher.

I don't think I ever had that happen before.

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Well Dale I must admit the Rapala Skitter Pop is still one of my favorite top water baits especially in lime frog color. I have caught many species on that lure but never a crappie! What else did you catch at Mazonia the suspense is killing me!

Will Wait for tomorrows fishing report for Mazonia story!

you can believe me or not it doesn't matter to me. I caught 3 bass yesterday at Mazonia all in the 22-26" range (Sunday) It was warm and a little humid and there was a fly hatch going on. I was fishing for gills and caught an even dozen real nice gills surface feeding on the hatch. All three bass clobbered gills in the 7-8" range. There were very lean...apparently post spawn females maybe on nests? They resembled very large feed store minnows...very lean. Now for the best part...last night not once but twice I lost a HUGE female that hit a 10" gill. I was using 10lb powerpro with a light wire hook and played this fish as long as I could before it spit the gill out. I actually measured the gill at just over 10" ot 20 minutes later it happened again...pretty sure the same fish. I saw this fish's in the 30" range and a largemouth. Now the problem...if I catch it its probably going to be way under weight like the others. So I guess my only option is to leave it and give it a few weeks to get back in shape...and hope she's protecting a couple thousand fry with her DNA.....Mazonia is a big area...I doubt anyone willever find this fish but sadlt once she leaves the bed I probably won't either. I caught one last June 31" long. HUGE. I'm out of work and had no went in the freezer. I would have thought the Illinois record was bigger than it is....that fish undoubtedly broke the was fat and HUGE!!! Somewhere I have a picture and will send you when I find it....if you promise to never mention my name. I don't want to be known for eathat fish (btw bass is not that good of tablefair...I was hungry) Have been out of work almost 3 years now and am losing destroyed....seriously concidering putting canoe on the Kankakee and literally seeing how far I could go.

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