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IHSA bass fishing: Photo wrap

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Here's a wrap on photos and other notes from Illinois' second bass fishing championship for high schools on Carlyle Lake.


By the far, the star of the final day was Edwardsville freshman Dalton Wesley. The biggest one of the two largemouth above went 4-2. The other was about the same.

I had to ask and he said he weighed ``like 80 pounds.'' If the 5-footer fell in the lake, he might have weighed 80.

Watching him haul those things out of the live well was just wonderful.


Maine West had all kinds of issues, beginning with a blown engine on Day 1, which led to the coolest story of the tournament.

Carlyle fisherman Brent Guthrie quickly offered his boat to the Warriors, who proceeded to catch limits both days and finished 13th.

They just couldn't put that kicker fish in the live well to reach the top 10.


Taft, making its second state appearance, came in 41st.

That was tops among the three Chicago qualifiers.


Morris, making its first appearance, weighed fish both days and finished 22nd.

A side note here. I bumped into their coach, Sean Porter, the guy sitting down, at LaSalle Lake a couple years ago when IHSA bass fishing was just in the early stages.

And he said they had more than 100 kids interested. BTW, he had the coolest bike contraption for getting around on shore at LaSalle.


Lemont made its first appearance and finished 37th, despite being blanked on Day 1.

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Nice work, Dale! Always timely, always a good read. Great photos!
Bob Maciulis

Thanks for devoting your weekend to this, Dale!
Great coverage.
Had my kids on the edge of their seats to see where Bradley-Bourb. finished.
9th out of 51 is something to be proud of!
Thanks again.

Cool! Seems like these guys had a blast. Job well done for Dalton Wesley with the big fish of the tourney.

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