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Flathead catfish: Illinois monster

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Roger P. Ebert caught a monster flathead from Clinton Lake on May 13, and released it.


The size of the fish and the fact that Ebert released it, led to my column on catch-and-release on Sunday.

And if you are wondering, Ebert, though an Urbana man, is no known relation to Roger Ebert, the Pulitzer Prize winning columnist for the Sun-Times.

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Yeh Right...It is probably either hanging on your wall or been divided to family for dinner. Tell the Truth!

Hey Roger, if you show me your fishing spot I'll loan you my hundred pound scale...

Congratulations on a great release!

Dale, thanks again for running the story, great for my scrapbook.

Carplander, if you live in, or visit east central Illinois I'd gladly show you where I fish.

The two of you would be good together. I will make sure you both have contacts.

Remember too, that not all records lead to happy endings. A guy caught a record smallie last year and ultimately decided not to seek acknowledgment because of previous horror stories.
People take it as an opportunity to tear down an angler's credibility and integrity.
The holder of one catfish world record was lambasted online for supposedly being on medical leave from work because of an injury.

How about the latest world-record (tie) Largemouth?
That was supposedly going to be worth at least a cool $1 Million to whomever caught one.
Haven't heard of that one since about a week after it was caught.
We see a photo, figure "damn- nice fish!", and go about checking our emails and posting to our blogs.
In the meantime, ESPN is canceling it's outdoor programming after this year.
Congrats on a great catch and release Roger.
Nobody will ever take that memory from you.

You are correct Mike, no one aside from father time can take the memories. The best part is it's a shared memory with two of my sons.

just wanted to take the time in tell yall about santee cooper if you heard of it great if not man look it up some great huge catfishing there! 20-90 lbs easy caught when we first went to santee cooper SC
we fished off the bank and rivers and caught 10 lbs easy off banks streams rivers we rented boat next followling day and only had 33 classic poles you should know what that is?
We broke the link in poles lol then we end up buying some big 808 reels poles and openfaces
we use 40-50 lbs test line we'ce caught 2-40 lbs catfish we i live in gerogia and born there
but something about santee cooper Sc makes you wanna fish there more maybe something in there water i dunno but they got some huge freaking fish! strippers crappie bulegill catfish,bass,
if any of you wanna know more about these then check out my blog and has info on it with site also,Great trip for fishing for the mosters catfishing!!!!! im 28 years old and love fishing but you dont get no big fish from where fish 10 lbs if your lucky, lol
, Lake Lanier Ga so check out youtube are google are my blog to learn more god bless,

if that was my fish i would weigh it get it mesured and everything release it and then get it mounted by everything i would have taken

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