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I looked off to the side at the press conference for fish kill in the Great Asian Carp Quest, and there he was.


Eddie Landmichl.

He's the guy who, years ago, told officials that flooding on the Des Plaines would bypass the electric barrier.

And he was right. Something finally acknowledged last year, and a bid was made this year for a massive barrier to prevent Asian carp from getting through during high-water events.

Eddie had been the hospital for an extended stay, but he looked quite chipper this morning. But then he lives for stuff like this.

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Dale, About 5 years Landmichl brought up the possibility of carp eggs being transferred to the lake via barge ballast.

Has the egg issue been studied?

Eddie has turned out to be right about a lot of stuff. He's too easy to dismiss by suits because he looks like a shambling bear and doesn't have the big degree, and sometimes he does send people off on wild goose chases. In the end, Lake Michigan is a better place because of him.

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