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Carlyle Lake: Fishing the tailwaters

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Yesterday, I fished the tailwaters of Carlyle Lake after my morning work.


In an hour and a half, I caught a 11: six bluegill, two sauger, two drum and a largemouth. They were all small. I lost a bigger fish and had bite-offs I assumed were gar.

The gar were in thick. Apparently, I missed the big white bass run earlier this spring. One guy beside me had a couple keeper sauger.

Today, I will have a small window between my morning work and the weigh-in at 3, so I may try some crappie fishing on the main lake.

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Forgive me for stating the obvious, but if "the gar were in thick" . . . go GAR FISHING!



Garman, point taken. I lacked the energy to switch up to spinners.

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