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Carlyle Lake: Bighead record?

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Apparently, I should have fished the Carlyle Lake tailwaters a few days earlier.


According to Saturday's Belleville-News Democrat, Jack [corrected] Bailey caught this 69-pound bighead after a 25-minute battle in the tailwaters.

It was weighed on a certified scale and checked by a biologist, so it should be official once the paperwork is complete.

Click here for the story.

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Hi Dale, couldn't help but notice that you didn't use the c-word in describing this fish. I think you are on to something. It's a bighead. Calling it a carp only serves to confuse people, since this species bears almost no resemblance to the common carp we are all familiar with.

A carp is a carp, common bighead or silver and they are ALL terrible and destructive invasive fish!!!

As I said, some folks are quite confused. *wink*

Not confused at all. It seems some people are confused to the fact that all carp species are destructive trash fish that pollute our waters destroying habitat for other wildlife, the bighead CARP the silver CARP and most especially the common CARP wink back at ya!

Biologically speaking, Bigheads & Silvers are quite different from Commons.
But on a 1 to 10 scale of negative impact to the ecology of the waters they inhabit, they would all have to be ranked at TEN.
They have a different type of impact from one another, but ALL are profoundly detrimental.
No if's, and's, but's ...or confusion about it.

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