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Braidwood Lake: How big a bass?

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How big do you think this largemouth bass was?


I figured it was about 15 1/2 to 16 inches. And told Jeff Humenik to hang for a second before putting it in the live well. I wanted a picture.

The legal length for a keeper during the Fishing for a Cure tournament at Braidwood Lake on Saturday was 15 inches.

Well, I got my picture, and Jeff decided to check the largemouth on a bump board. And it came up just short. No amount of squeezing the tail or stretching could make it 15 inches.

I am just glad he bumped it, and we didn't embarrass ourselves at the scales.

The sad part, for us, it was a good 2-pounder, and we couldn't weigh it.

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that fish is 1/5 lbs. way it would hit 2 lbs. on a scale. least you got out and had a good time anyway.

Oh, Studio, you take all the fun away. But your guess of 1.5 is probably closer than the 2 Jeff and I guessed. When it wasn't 15 inches, it went back. Never weighed.

the thrill is in the "first" fish of the day....they always feel bigger than they are....keep trying I have pictures to prove something MUCH bigger shredded not 1 but 2 20-22" to prove it....felt like I hooked a concrete foundation but unfortunately the hook was in both bass.....1/2 before closing time.

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