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Asian carp: Some common sense?

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Finally, there is a bit of common sense coming to the Great Asian Carp Quest.


On Thursday, the second officially-sanctioned fish kill within half a year will begin on the Little Calumet. The photo above is from the Coast Guard during the first officially-sanctioned fish kill on the Sanitary and Ship Canal in December, 2009.

At least this time, IDNR officials appear ready to restock sport fish. Click here.

For the latest from the Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee, click here.

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The Asian Carp have been in Lake Erie for over 10 years, have they taken over the lake? No!
They are river fish, and they spawn in rivers not lakes.

Here is a link to a Government site confirming that they are in Lake Erie.

I have no idea what the above post refers to. I am just glad the IDNR recognizes this time when killing fish, they better do some PR and replace at least the sport fish. That's the first bit of common sense I have seen in this sordid affair.

I agree Dale! The comment on Lake Erie proves that this person may have had to much to drink or is misinformed.

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