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Youth muskie fishing: A competitive Illinois trail

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The Illinois Muskie Tournament Trail is adding a youth trail for 2010 with the first event on Lake Shelbyville on May 22.

Here is the press release with the details:

Muskie Fishing's Pied Piper?

The Illinois Muskie Tournament Trail has hopes to be a virtual "Pied Piper" for Illinois Muskie fishing in 2010. Recognizing that the future of our state's fishing resources lies in the hands of its young fishermen, the Illinois Muskie Tournament Trail has organized a new, and additional, "Trail" for 2010. It is the Illinois Muskie Youth Tournament Trail. The purpose of this "Future of Muskie Fishing" youth tournament circuit, is to introduce young fishermen to the challenges and fun of Muskie fishing. The tournament is to be very participant friendly, with no entry fee. Each youth that participates will receive instruction about safety and Muskie fishing basics, the opportunity to catch Muskie, and recognition of his / her participation. Awards will be given to the top three teams in each tournament . A team may consist of one or two youth fishermen. Any young fishermen enrolled in grades k - 12 at the beginning of the 2009 school year are eligible. Each team must also have an adult along, to supervise and run the boat. Individual awards, for the Tournament Trail Champion, and runner up, will be presented at the end of the tournament trail season. These individual awards will be based on an IMTT point system.

The Illinois Muskie Youth Tournament Trail will consist of three events, one each, in the northern, central, and southern parts of our state. Youths may participate in one or all of the tournaments. Each tournament will be hosted by a local Muskie club from that part of the state. Team awards will be based on fish caught in that tournament. The individual awards will be based on the entire youth trail, using the IMTT point system. The IMTT is very excited about the potential of this Trail, and is looking forward to helping youngsters learn about this fishing "treasure" in Illinois.

The idea is being very well received by the state's other Muskie fishing organizations, and other outdoor groups. Local Muskie clubs host each of the events , providing educational information, food, and prizes, and Dick's Sporting Goods, of Springfield, and the Rodney T. Miller Lakeside Triathlon, of Decatur freely became major sponsors of the 2010 Youth Trail. They have both freely and enthusiastically given significant contributions to help ensure that this is a positive experience for all of the young Muskie fishermen

Below is the schedule of the Youth Trail, and contacts for entry forms, tournament times, and more specific rules. Entrants must be registered in advance of each event date. Some sites may have limits as to the number of boats allowed in its tournament.

Youth Tournament Trail - IMTT Co-Chairs:
Dale Drew *
815 582-2482, 509 Mitchell, Braceville, Il 60407
Bob Kerans *
217 423-0932, 3045 S Franklin St. Rd., Decatur IL. 62521

2010 Youth Muskie Tournament Dates:
> Lake Shelbyville Muskie Club: Sat., May 22, 2010
*Jim Ozee *
217 235-1665, 6860 E. Country Road 1200 N. Mattoon, IL 61928
> Shawnee Muskie Hunters: Sat., Sept. 25, 2010
*Dan Johnson *
*Renee Johnson *
618 655-0640, 130 N. Meadows Ridge Trail, Edwardsville, IL. 62025
> Fox River Valley: Sat., Oct. 30, 2010
*Rich Gallagher -
847 341-1723, 1253 Cobblers Crossing, Elgin, IL 60120

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