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Wolf River: Sturgeon spawn on

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The Wisconsin DNR said the lake sturgeon spawn is on along the Wolf River and, with the weather forecast, this week should see most of the spawning activity.

The YouTube video above was taken last year. Click here to link to a better video from the WDNR.

I just love this language from the spawning update report from this morning:

The 2010 sturgeon spawning run has begun on the Wolf River. A handful of females have been spawning with their harems of males along the Wolf River Trail on County Highway X west of New London for a few days now, but the remaining 3000 or so females in the river that need to spawn yet have been waiting for the water temperatures to get a little higher. The wait appears to be over as a large number of fish moved into the Bamboo Bend spawning site on Highway 54 west of Shiocton last night and are vigorously spawning this morning. I suspected this to be the case when I heard the high flocks Canadian geese migrating north at 6:00 AM this morning. Every spring when we first see the high large V-flocks of Canadian geese heading north (not the low local flocks), we know we will be working spawning sturgeon that day.

This is one of those things I would love to do once in my life, but early April is not an easy time for me to break away.

Click here for information on the spawn in the Wolf River area and for places to view them.

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