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Wild Saturday: A morel rain

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Funny what happens after a nice 1/2-inch rain.


My daughter Sara and I found these this afternoon.

Not so lucky with a brief bypass trip this morning to scout out asparagus. The one sure spot I have was cut.

But I am not said. That is the best batch of morels I ever found on my own.

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I've read and looked at pictures on where to find these things. I like to think I'm looking in spots I may find them. How about some pictures, not giving away your location, of where you're finding them. What kind of soil. What type of deadfalls or stumps are you finding them around. Are they buried under things and need to be uncovered, or out in the open a bit.

I think I'm missing something and nothing else has helped. Maybe you have another way of saying things that might set off the light bulb.

I'm no whiz at this, but the first guys who took me hunting for them said elms were key. Well, dead elms. I'm not good enough at trees to know a dead elm. But I know old live ones. I have three good ones old enough to shed bark. One sheds a lot and it is the best and most consistent year to year. The other two are spottier. Those three are in areas that the morels are easy to spot when they are up. I have hunted other areas with hotshot morel hunters where elms are nowhere in sight, but the morels are thick. And some of their hotspots take a lot of searching.

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