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Wild Monday: A dandelion question

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Maybe it is just my stage in life, but I am ready to try doing something with dandelions.


And I don't mean just digging them out of the yard.

Maybe it has to do with spending way too much time the last week and a half looking for morels (very successfully) and wild asparagus (very unsuccessfully).

So when my wife was digging out dandelions tonight, I remembered dandelion wine.

I could have remembered dandelions as a good salad green, but they're not. And I've tried them several times.

Making homemade dandelion wine on the other hand intrigues.

Probably just the whole ritual of trying to make homemade wine, more than anything. Because let me tell you, the couple times I have had dandelion wine, it has been awful.

Both times it came from a farmer's daughter when I was a young man working in a greenhouse.

It was bitter and just awful, like something you want force down to cure a sore throat.

I suspect it had to do with the farmer using dandelions far too advanced in the growth cycle.

At any rate, if you have a method and recipe for making homemade dandelion wine, a method you think I can handle, please let me know.

If you are comfortable putting out in public, post below. Otherwise, e-mail me at

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A long time ago as a Boy Scout we would pick dandelions for salads. You have to get them before the flower starts coming up. The flowers actually taste pretty good too. But I tend to like things a little bitter. We also used to boil the young leaves to make tea, which I thought was pretty good.
Don't forget milkweed. If you can pick them when they are a foot tall or less they look just like asparagus. Cook them up just like asparagus.
But then, we used to cook up all kinds of bugs and whatever else we could find just to see what they tasted like. It was something to do while out camping I guess.

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