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Towed by a marlin: Kayak fisherman

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I'm not sure what to make of this video of a kayak fisherman towed 11 miles by a blue marlin.

The video is from The Kayak Fishing Show. Thanks for the heads up on this from The Fishing Wire.

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I am sure the fish was stressed out and knowing the lower than average survival rate of released marlin the fish probably perished! This fishermen should have cut ties with this fish and just shows selfishness.

I wonder if it's true that most released marlin die? I don't fish much but feel that most who do have a respect for the environment, particularly great fish like the marlin.

If what you say is true then it is a selfish waste of a beautiful creature.

I would be uncomfortable releasing a fish and thinking it would survive after such an extended battle. Much like I am uncomfortable with people who target muskie in one of our river systems with light line, then proudly release them. Maybe they survive.

It is one thing if a fisherman in a kayak stumbles upon a marlin. This was done for a fishing show! I agree Dave on your comment also.

I meant I agree with your comment Mr. Bowman!

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