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Scat apps: Things you can't make up

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I have a certain amount of admiration for cleverness, especially if there is some substance behind it and ``The Scoop on Poop--in the Palm of Your Hand!'' was clever enough to make me read.

No, it wasn't a suggestion along the lines that we used to give kids at deer camp as a rite of passage. You know, tell them to pick up deer tards and see if they were still warm to know if deer were nearby.

No it was for FalconGuides' new ``Scats and Tracks'' iPhone apps. They're apps for identifying scat and tracks, an easy quick way of tentatively identifying tracks and scat in the field.

I don't do apps, yet. But this is the sort of thing that could make start using them. And the price seems right.

Click here for more.

Otherwise here are some details:

Drawn from FalconGuides' successful "Scats and Tracks" field guide series, these twelve apps provide concisely worded yet detailed information describing hundreds of species in a format that's fast and easy to navigate. Field-friendly and richly illustrated, these apps are the key to starting off your outing on the right track!

Priced at $7.99 (except "Scats & Tracks North America; $12.99), these apps include:

• A detailed guide to animal tracking, describing the art and science of preserving tracks, understanding the anatomy of footprints, track measurements, gaits and trails, and trail measurements. Written by one of the world's leading experts on animal tracking.

• Detailed illustrations of scats, tracks, gait patterns, and other signs of an animal's presence, carefully organized by species, track types, and scat types.

•Individual range maps for all species.

•Easy-reference descriptions of all scats and tracks with precise measurements.

•Instantly view hundreds of color images for every species with built-in links to Google Images or Flickr.

•Document your finds using the Sightings feature. More than just a field notebook, you can capture images of your find; record date, time, and precise location; and write field notes for analysis and sharing.

•Share your sightings instantly with friends and colleagues via email, Facebook, and Twitter right from the app!

•Built-in ruler for more accurate field identification.

•An identification key and glossary of tracking terms.

"Scats & Tracks" apps release dates at iTunes:

Scats & Tracks North America and Scats & Tracks Southeast: March 13.
Scats & Tracks Pacific Coast and Scats & Tracks Desert Southwest: March 20.
S&T Rocky Mountains: March 22
S&T Mid-Atlantic: March 24
S&T Northeast: March 26
S&T Midwest: March 28
S&T Great Plains: March 30
S&T Great Lakes and S&T Backyard Edition (free version): April 1
S&T Alaska & Yukon: April 3
S&T of North America: iPad Edition: April 3

Written by Dr. James C. Halfpenny, one of the world's leading experts on animal tracking and author of numerous books on the subject of scats and tracks field identification. Illustrated by Todd Telander, an award-winning natural science illustrator, wildlife artist, and amateur tracker.

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