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Ramble without Storm: Redbuds and beyond

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Even without my usual morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab, I mull things.


Redbuds give a vivid early signal of the coming change.

Most Easters we make a family trek to my in-laws, who retired to the shores of Table Rock Lake down in southwest Missouri.

Over the years, it has become a family custom to note where we start seeing the brightness of redbuds along the roadside.

Most years, it is somewhere Downstate around Effihgham or Vandalia we start seeing them along I-70.

This year was different, even far south into Missouri, redbuds were just beginning. By Sunday, a bit more color was flowing.

Even other trees were far behind in budding. By Sunday afternoon on our return, it was only deep in the stream beds or valleys that we saw extensive budding of other trees.

But it is inevitable.

Budding will come. Even in the few days we were gone, our grass greened and many tulips bloomed in my wife's garden.

I'm ready.

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