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Ramble with Storm: Tree Rollins signs

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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

``Tree'' Rollins is one of my favorite sports guys, in part because his nickname seemed so apt.

He was big guy, officially 7-1 I think, who looked like the menacing tree in Alice in Wonderland when he got his arms spread wide in the paint.

I most remember him playing for Atlanta at his best. He drifted around the last few years of his long NBA career.

Trees are back.

Maybe it was because I missed one morning ramble with our meathead on Saturday, the changes seem more dramatic.

But the corner has been turned.

Red maples and decorative fruit trees splash color all over, a bit like the youngest' preschool paintings.

Maples are that nice April mix of green and a dark yellow. Even the elms are starting their slender greenings.

The holdouts are the oaks and Osage orange.

One of my neighbor's oaks even still holds dead leaves from last year yet. They rustle disconcertingly some mornings in the wind. Bare Osage orange branches look like the threads in a troubled mind.

But mostly I look at our maple in back and see the coming green. In the next few days, the dogwood in front will burst into colors that brighten each step out the front door.

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