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Ramble with Storm: Training dragons

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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Had to wait for my fingers to warm up.

Nice spring break.

Sheez, I knew it was brisk, but didn't expect to need gloves for my mile-and-half ramble with the meathead.

It's been an odd week.

Spring break, for a guy like me who works at home, takes some effort. For much of the week, even in the rain yesterday, our four kids suddenly morphed into this mob of very mobile munchkins.

I can either bang my head against the desk or get smart. I chose smart. It's up at 4 or 5 a.m. to churn out half a day's work by the time they filter down for breakfast.

Then I just figure on not getting much work done in the middle of the day.

So yesterday, I made plans to see a matinee of How to Train Your Dragon. The head count was seven, just enough to legally fill the van.

We went to the non-3-D. I am sorry, but I have lost my patience for going to the 3-D version of kids movies. Not every movie needs to be in 3-D.

And I am fed up with paying $2 more per head for 3-D glasses that are same glasses for each new movie. It just pisses me off. And it adds up when you have a van filled with kids.

Train Your Dragon held some professional interest for me. It wasn't just to keep the kids occupied and within view for a few hours.

My sense from seeing multiple previews and ads for it was that there might be a strong anti-hunting tinge to it.

Basically would Hiccup be an anti-hero, make that anti-hunter?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, the dramatic turning point is when he doesn't have the guts to finish a dragon he shot out of the sky with a mechanical contraption he constructed.

Yet, this is not as strong an anti-hunting piece as Bambi.

But there is definitely a touch of anti-hunting to Train Your Dragon.

Of more concern to me than the anti-hunting side to movies or popular culture is the disconnection to what I would call natural reality or natural order.

Bambi was the absolute worst, not just for its anti-hunting bent, but for its completely wrong sense of natural order.

The forest fire scene in Bambi set back fire as a viable tool for naturalists for decades. I would even suggest to this day, the forest fire scene in Bambi is one of the underlying reasons people fight the use of fire for prairie restorations.

There can be a good interaction between humans and wild things, but it is not on a buddy level.

And that is where, from my professional side, Train Your Dragon goes horribly wrong. The great climatic finale is that wild animals become pets? You gotta be kidding me.

On a personal side, the movie had me wiping my eyes in the darkness.

That's a dilemma I can't solve.

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