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Ramble with Storm: Banks

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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Broadway Bank was my bank.

When I was single and through the first year or so of my marriage, the neighborhood bank at Broadway and Thorndale on Chicago's North Side was my bank.

So the stories about the bank's collapse and its connection to Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, who is running for the Senate as a Democrat, was more than just a news story to me.

There's a reason I banked at Broadway Bank.

It's part of a life pattern.

Just like I tend to shop at the neighborhood store and the neighborhood bait shop--Henry's or Shirley's (in the day) rather than the box outdoor stores--I favor neighborhood banks.

Normally, I try to do Ramble with Storm immediately after coming back from our morning ramble. Forgive me on this, but this story stews in my skull, and it has taken a few days.

I feel hurt and violated.

I do neighborhood shopping and banking as a family tradition.

It goes back to my dad coming from a farming family.

Farming families bank with the local bank because in bad years farmers can go in face to face with loan officers, who, if they can take the measure of the farmers, decide on that basis more than the charts if the farming loan should be extended.

I have tried to read all about the Broadway Bank problems. Maybe that neighborhood thing is part of the problem. Just on an urban scale with realty instead of crops as the loan in question.

Here's the thing, MB Financial Bank, which took over Broadway Bank, is not the kind of bank I would use.

That's me.

Maybe it is tilting at windmills. But I am willing to do that.

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