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Morels: By George, inspired

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Thanks to the inspiration of George Benda, I found my first morels of the season this evening.


He sent this note earlier:

Hello Dale, Sat. 30 morels and 9 pieces of asparagus. Oh happy day. I live in Tinley Park, all were found 30 min. from the house.

Well, that inspired me.

I'm roughly in that same area, so just before dark, I put in some searching at my best spot for morels.

And found seven small ones. I didn't want to over do it, and also want to see if they might grow larger.

Or is this the size they will be this dry spring.

Trying for asparagus will wait until tomorrow.

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If it do not rain add water to your 'hidden' treats so they will grow bigger, or they will shrivel and die. If they are not pick off by another Shroomer.

Here's my problem. My best spot is fairly public, and I already go through some hoops to try to secretly cut a few at a time without drawing notice. I would love to water them, but I think that would give away the spot utterly.

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