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IHSA: Sectional big bass

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Thought about saving this for Fish of the Week, but let's get Evan Chambers' 5.75-pound largemouth bass out there as big bass from the Chicago-area IHSA bass-fishing sectionals on Friday.


I think you can figure out which one of the St. Charles North guys is Chambers. SCN won the Shabbona Lake sectional.

Here's details from Marmion coach Joe Large, who also sent the photo:

[SCN] weighed in 3 keepers for a total of 8.15 pounds. They were led by senior Evan Chambers who caught the big bass of the tournament at 5.75 lbs. Evan's bass was caught on a crankbait near the campground around 9:00.

A fish like that will have Denny Sands talking for awhile.

It might end being the big bass for the sectionals. Not all the Downstate results were posted as of this morning.

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