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Heidecke: Why?

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Here's why.


Heidecke can be a maddening body of water. Opening day on April 1, three of us did not get a single bite. But then we were really focused on trying for one good bite.

And that's what makes the former cooling lake near Morris so special, there's always a chance at a special fish.

Jeff Humenik, an occasional fishing companion, sent the photo above and this:

I am sending you a nice pic of a smallie I caught at Heidecke Lake . Caught her in 5-6' of water on a flicker shad and the water temp was 58.

The magic temperature at Heidecke seems to be 60. As of yesterday, it was right near that mark.

This should be the week to fish Heidecke. Click here for site info.

Walleye have become the glamor fish at Heidecke, but there is always a chance at a big hybrid, smallmouth, largemouth, catfish or muskie too. Not to mention yellow bass.

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