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Fish of the Week: Mississippi flathead

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INick Pezdek nominated his friend John Rumoro for Fish of the Week for this 52-inch, 40-pound-plus flathead caught on the Mississippi River.


Here's the word from Pezdek on his friend from Worth:

My friend John Rumoro was recently up near Genoa on the Mississippi River fishing for walleyes and landed this monster 52 inch, 40+ pound flathead on a medium light St Croix Avid Series rod while vertical jigging. He asked me if I could send it to you for fish of the week honors. Let me know what you think, and if you are going to put it in the paper for FOTW. It's definitely a beauty of a fish!


I would agree that it is a beaut.

My best flathead, caught with Todd Carlander on the Rock River, barely topped 30 pounds. And i thought it was a helluva fish.

If Pezdek rings a bell, he should. He is the guy who caught a wonderful 5-pound-plus smallmouth from the Mazon River. Click here for some of his story.

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Sorry Dale, Flatheads caught by accident don't count!

Ah my big-fish specialist friend, you would be amazed how many record fish in Illinois alone fall into that accidental category. And I would lay money it will be somebody accidental who gets the smallmouth record from Lake Michigan in the next couple weeks.

Dale, I`m going to back you up on the record smallie from LM. Things are way to right this year. Our club is working on another surprise. Should see that one in 3-4 weeks.

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