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Fish of the Week: DuPage crappie

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Brad Wooten of Broadview sent this Fish of the Week nomination for his 9-year-old son Elijah Wooten.


The first note and photo was sent from his cell phone:

Elijah Wooten caught this monster crappie Saturday evening at a local south suburban lake. It weighed in at 2.1 pounds and measured 15+ inches. Caught him on a fathead minnow below a slip bobber in 2-3 feet of water. Looks like Elijah is picking up where he left off last Fall (See November 24,2009 Stray Casts). Please accept this as another FOTW nomination.

That Novermber FOTW was for a fishing trip on the Illinois River at Starved Rock, given as much for the story and the look of joy on Elijah's face.

This one is as much for the fish, which is a pretty good crappie for northern Illinois..


In a follow-up, proud dad sent a note that the fish was caught in unincorporated DuPage County.

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great picture!
he gets my vote!

15-inch crappie will get him an Illinois DNR award!

Good point. I will remind Brad if he has not already seen this or done it.

I thought I recognized that kid as being a FOTW alum. That is just outstanding. Good job Elijah, and good job Brad. You have renewed my faith that the great legacy of outdoors sportsmen will continue in the newest generation.

Rob P and Dale: Thanks for the info regarding a possible IDNR award! We're looking into it.

Raptor: It's up to us to commit to teaching our own kids and others about the joys of the great outdoors amidst the many other activities and distractions available to them. Each of us must do his/her part...

Off to sign Elijah and his cousin up for a hunter safety course...


I have fished with the Wooten Family. They all have have great appreciation for the outdoors. The link is a picture of Elijah's cousin Ryan last June at Lake Erie.

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