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95th Street parking lot: Firm fix date?

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It's about time, and years late, but the Chicago Park District apparently has scheduled the parking lot by the ramps at 95th Street to be patched by mid-June.


Tom Gray, head of Mayor Daley's Fishing Advisory Committee, asked that the information be forwarded to committee members, in answer to concerns mentioned for years.

A park district representative to the committee said it is on a long list of repairs contracted out.

We'll see.

The photo above was taken last month when I did an extended tour of the South Side lakefront fishing access. It looked like a fisherman made that impromptu warning flag so other fishermen won't sink their trucks or trailers into a major sink hole, just off the launch.

We'll see.

As I've said many times before, that situation would have never been tolerated on the North Side for that length of time.

It's shameful at such a busy and useful launching spot, one that will be even busier as the perch bite sets up..

Credit for this needs to go to Tom Palmisano. He's both a committee member and from Henry's. Last fall, he did serious legwork, pushing of the right buttons and followup to make sure the project was put on a to-do list.

Back then, I didn't have a lot of faith that even that effort would work.

Apparently, it will.

We'll see.

By mid-June.

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Just so you know I forgot to tell you that Scott said that he is working on some automated devices to allow boaters to pay for the ramp use when no attendant is available. So Bad for 95th and good for Burnhan (I Guess) Tom P

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