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WWW Chicago outdoors: Getting out

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Simply getting out leads this Wild Weekend Wanderings around Chicago outdoors. If you don't have any ideas, there will be some in here.


We have had quite the run for ice fishing. The above scene was shot in December during the first week of ice fishing at Willow Slough. That a site that far south had nearly three months straight of ice fishing, says something.

Farther north, say on the Chain, regular ice fishermen are anticipating that the warm-up may fire up a wonderful weekend for fishing. BTW, the Chain may have at least two more weekends of ice fishing, at least in spots.

WISCONSIN GAMEFISH SEASON:This is the final weekend for gamefish in Wisconsin, and the warm-up is expected to make it a worthy one.

OPEN-WATER RIVER FISHING: That's my big plan for the weekend, hitting the mighty Kankakee for the first time in 2010. Norm Minas reported a steady outing on Wednesday, and gave me a couple suggestions for this afternoon.

MAPLE SYRUP: This is absolutely perfect weather for maple syrup, warm days and frosty nights. If you're a mom or dad looking to connect the kids to the outdoors, I highly recommend finding a maple syrup event at your park or forest preserve district. That is on my agenda this weekend or next.

SWAP MEET: Salmon Unlimited's Spring Swap Meet is at a new location, the Grace Lutheran Church in Bensenville, from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday. Go to This is an event that gets people back in the swing of spring.

BRAIDWOOD LAKE: The Will County cooling lake is open from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. daily. This is another good kid option, because you can always play with channel catfish, which take about anything.

ISA BRONZEBACK BLOWOUT: IDNR director Marc Miller and Tim Landwehrheadline the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance's Bronzeback Blowout. It's at the Elmhurst American Legion frin 309 p.m. Saturday. Go to

SHOWTIME: The Lake Home & Cabin Show is at the Schaumburg Convention Center through Sunday. Go to . . . The Rockford Boat Show and companion Fishing & Outdoor Expo is at the Indoor Sports Center in Rockford from Friday through Sunday. Click here for the expo and click here for the boat show. . . And there is a new one Downstate with the Elmwood All Outdoors Show, by the sounds of it. It is at Elmwood High School this weekend. Go to . . . The Spring Fishing Classic is at the various Bass Pro Shops through next Sunday. Go to

HUNTING NOTES: Tuesday is when online applications may begin for deer hunting. . . . Tuesday is also when the random daily draws begin for remaining spring wild turkey permits begin.

PERSONAL PICKS: I plan to at least put in an hour or so on the mighty Kankakee this afternoon. . . . Braidwood is always a possibility for the weekend, my schedule is fairly open. . . . Saturday morning I may see some of you at the graduation for the Fishin' Buddies! CORE folks at Sand Ridge Nature Center. . . . Otherwise, get out. It's been a long haul of a winter.

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