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Wild Saturday: barnacle goose?

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Is there a barnacle goose at Wolf Lake?


This photo is from Fred T. Flickr via Ducks Unlimited, it is not a photo of the goose James Wisniewski observed at Wolf Lake yesterday.

Here's his note:

This afternoon at approximately 4:00 pm I observed a Barnacle Goose at Wolf Lake in Chicago. William Powers Conservation Area at 126th and Avenue O. It was banded on the right leg. Being that this is a north atlantic bird (Iceland, Greenland) this is far outside it's territory. After 30 seasons of waterfowl hunting this goose caught my eye and I just wanted to pass this find along to anyone that is interested.

I also posted a note on IBET, the birders network. But this could be an interesting sighting.

If anybody is interested or needs it, I do have a phone number for James.

Click here
for a review of barnacle geese by DU.

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