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To the CORE: Kids outside

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John Kidd Jr. was doing stuff to get kids outside long before it became a national, state and local craze and priority.


On March 6, the founder of Fishin' Buddies! invited me up to watch the commencement for CORE (Cold Outdoor Recreational Explorers) at Sand Ridge Nature Center.

Just wonderful and it ended up being my outdoors column in the Sun-Times on Wednesday (hey, I'm trying to catch up here).

I came expecting a dressed-up commencement and ended up tramping through the snow after some very happy kids. And why shouldn't they have been happy, out there whacking brush and doing a bit of restoration work at Sand Ridge.

You got to love it.

Kidd knows how to do this stuff and has shown over 20 years that urban kids want to be outside as much as any other kids.

If you want ideas how to do it successfully, you may reach Kidd through Fishin' Buddies!.


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