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Second wolf tale: Alive

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Add yet another modern Illinois wolf tale, this one of what may be the first good photo of a wolf in modern Illinois.

Click here for a wonderful sequence of the tale put together by Bob Coine of Heartland Studios.

Come Wednesday morning I will have a more extended look at that possible wolf and the one possibly shot by hunter (click here for that story) in the Sun-Times and on the outdours page of the Sun-Times .

There's more to come on these stories, I am sure.

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Dale, that is really neat. What has to be done to get some protection for these animals?

History in other places would suggest they do pretty well on their own eventually. I am curious to see whether wolves remain just a curiosity or actually establish.

it is a little interesting to hear about this so soon after me hearing about the women klled in alaska by wolves not to long ago. and to comment on the gentlemen who shot the other wolf, its because of the best deer herds in this state, that were gona see more i think.

Both the great lakes population and the northern rockies populations required federal endangered species protections to boost populations. Minnesota and nothern Montana(Glacier National Park), along with Isle Royale National Park in Michigan were the only three states to retain wild wovles before protections were reinstated. Once protections were enforced and locked in, wolves dispersed back into Michigan, Wisconsin and various other states.

Yellowstone needed a reintroduction program, as did southern/central Idaho.

The biggest cause for the decline of wolves in the U.S. is human caused mortality.

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