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On ice: Cold steel

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There are things I just wonder about in life.


Like finding this scene Monday when I did my usual morning ramble with Storm.

I didn't do my usual rambles with the family Lab over the weekend, so I'm not sure exactly when the hockey net showed up, or who cleared the ice, and if anybody actually skated around practicing wristers.

Yet, it fascinates me on many levels.

Foremost, I wonder if it was an offshoot of Olympic excitement. Or just that the weekend weather was nice enough while the ice was thick enough to draw out kids to play.

I don't know.

I do know this, the only guys who ice fish the town pond beside myself are usually guys older than me.

Kids fish the town pond in spring and summer, but you don't see them ice fishing it.

I'm not sure if that means anything more significant in broader terms about the outdoor experience.

Meanwhile, back at the town pond, the net is becoming more anchored. During the day, the ice thaws, then the puddles refreeze at night and locking the net into the ice harder each day.

That will change.

I venture by Sunday, the hockey guys better have their net picked up or they will be wading out to retrieve it.


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