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Musings of Minas: Spring thing

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I should have joined Norm Minas playing along the Kankakee River yesterday. Instead I settle for these musings.

This was in my box this morning:

Grimy snowbanks, looking old and weary, release rivulets of runoff into the river as they relinquish their reign over the landscape.
Rusty remnants of last years grasses rustle in a restless breeze.
Here and there, green shoulders through sepia tinged undergrowth
Glorious now - cursed later, glistening, black mud sucks at my boots, a welcome relief from the past season's crunchy snow.
As I sit silently on a log basking in the warmth of the noontime sun, I close my eyes to enjoy the hopeful songs of multiple birds seeking romance.
Upon reflection of the diversity and plenty of the morning's catch, yes, the promise of the coming spring is upon us.

The only thing I quibble with his the birds. I think they are looking for something more basic than romance, say old-fashioned, preserve-the-species sex.

Or maybe that is just me.

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That is what they want all right, I just couldn't figure a way to work that in without getting too graphic.

The morning bite was fantastic, the afternoon was a struggle. It was still a great day to be out.


I did join Norm yesterday as he finished his rounds at Area 7 on Rt. 113. After not even getting a hit and returning to the parking area I met Norm, who was just heading out. When he told me of already catching several walleyes, three bass (one 18 inches) and some crappies I asked if I could join him for a few fishing tips. He said sure. I asked what he was using. "Colors are not important, they'll take whatever you get in front of them."

As we stolled through the woods he told me the ramps would soon be covering one area. Ramps? I made him repeat it. I've never heard of them. He explained. He lead me to a favorite riffle, waded out at the head and showed me how to work the entire length of the seam with a single cast. After a few minutes he pointed upstream where a small creek emptied into the Kankakee. "That's a great place for smallmouths."

When I tried a few casts and was about to lose my new Shadrap, Norm gave me instructions for getting it out. When that didn't work he waded downstream thigh-deep in the cold water to retreive it. Wow! Talk about a man I just met being generous with the tips - he even saved my new lure.

The sky was blue, broken by fluffy white clouds. The shelves of old ice on the banks and the gentle breeze coming up the river reminded me it wasn't yet spring. But the first hatch of some winged insect made little circles on slow running pools. I brushed several from my bare neck, wondering if they were attracted to my Old Spice. The day was glorious. What a gift to spend a bit of it with Norm. Yes, Dale, you should have been there.


p.s Oh, the bird thing? As I was leaving the parking lot, I heard the hooting of a great horned owl. There was no doubt in my mind that he was not trying to impress me.

Oh sure, make me feel worse than I already do. My weekend plan to fish the mighty Kankakee might be pushed up to tomorrow afternoon instead

Thanks Clyde, good to meet you. It's always good to reconnect with your roots.

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