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Fish of the Week: First time charm

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Kelly Cook earns Fish of the Week honors for this 22-inch, 5-pound-plus largemouth bass the Gurnee 11-year-old caught ice fishing for the first time on a lake in Libertyville on Feb. 21.


Her dad Phil sent this wonderful tale:

I took my 11 yr. old daughter, Kelly, ice fishing for the first time last Sunday to a lake in Libertyville.  I showed her how to set up the tip-ups, and she "caught" on very quickly.  She saw the first flag go up while I was setting up the other ones.  We both ran over, and I showed her how to set the hook and land the fish.  From then on, she ran to every flag.  She caught four largemouth, the first one being 22 inches, 5+ pounds, and now all of my weekends are taken up for the rest of the winter!

Sounds like a good problem to have.

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