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Coming fish records: southern Lake Michigan

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Walleye, that's the fish record most likely to go down in 2010, according to Indiana biologist Brian Breidert.


A bit over seven years ago, Scott Hoswell of Frankfort proved that possibility when he caught a 14.47-pound walleye from the Port of Indiana on Dec. 11, 2002. It was not accepted as the Indiana record because it was caught from off-limits water.

But evidence like that and other big walleye surveyed in recent years is why Breidert said last week, ``It is not a stretch to think there is a 15-pounder swimming.''

Personally, I think there is as good a chance of the smallmouth record falling, at least on the Illinois side. Others like Mike Starcevich think the yellow perch record for both Illinois and Indiana will go down this spring.

I took a look at fish records likely to fall in southern Lake Michigan in Sunday's outdoors column in the Sun-Times.

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That fish was a real beauty - and the shame of it all was, the "off-limits" water you speak of was nothing more then a post-911 restriction, which was ridiculous in and of itself. The Port of Indiana always was a fishing hot spot and those walleyes are stacked in there, and nobody can get to them. If the Obama administration ever wants to push for their "fish sanctuary" out on the big lake, they have to look no further: they already have one at the Port!!

I absolutely agree it was and is a useless restriction. And it is a useless shame that the area is/was off-limits to boat fishing. If not, the Indiana record would have fallen already. Of all the big fish stories I covered in person, this might have been the coolest fish of all. At least until somebody weighs in a 2-9 perch.

I know few buds that have been doing well. If not this spring, for sure late this fall it will go down. Please catch and release. The fishery is very fragile at best. Let the spawners go!!!

i am 16 and last year caught a 12 pond 32 inch walleye on tip p almost got ya ha

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