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Coho derby: Braving elements, catching fish

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Guys who braved the lakefront conditions Saturday morning for Henry's sixth annual coho derby deserve their due.


And here it is, as reported by Steve Palmisano from Henry's:

Here are the results of the wind blown day. Big fish winner and 1st place Powerline winner was Jason Le 5Lb. 14oz. steelhead. Rodreel winners were: 1st place 2lb 11oz brown trout Chris Ranney. 2nd place 2lb 1oz brown trout Randy Bafia. 3 fish caught 21 anglers registered.

I find it very impressive that 21 guys actaully fished in that weather. That says something.

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Kudos to Henry's for putting this on. Free derby, awesome prizes, and they even paid for my parking! I'll definitely be stopping at Henry's on my downtown excursions.

The wind was so bad, all the rod and reel guys were sent to the harbor. There's a nice hill there covered in bushes and trees that blocked the wind nicely. I was able to fish without a winter hat or gloves. Unfortunately the spoon and crank bite wasn't very good. Looking forward to the perch derby and next years coho derby.

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