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Chicago lakefront: A tease

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A month or so ago, Steve Palmisano asked if I would do a seminar for Henry's Spring Fever Reliever event on Saturday.


Seemed like a good idea and I knew I would be around, so I said yes. And we came up with ``Lakefront: Gated Community or Public Space?''

Obviously, one hot topic will be the new pay parking (South Shore Cultural Center above) spreading across the lakefront parks.

Then came the work. My original plan was to cover access issues on the entire lakefront. Well, that will be a lot more than I can cover in 45 minutes or an hour.

I think I will end up focusing on the general issues, then try to cover specifics along the South Side lakefront from 95th to Monroe harbor.

And this will not simply be a bitch session. There have been some good things on the lakefront for fishermen.


Nothing has been better than Northerly Island.

I hope people appreciate how great an addition Northerly Island has been to Chicago outdoors. It's a world-class example of the outdoors in an urban space.

And there are other good things.


It took forever, but the main ramp at Cal Park was finally fixed up last year.

Often I do not look forward to doing speaking engagements. I am looking forward to this one, because I feel like it will keep evolving into a much larger project than just Saturday's talk.

And I hope it is very interactive, leading to a broader appreciation of the long-term tug-of-war for lakefront access.

Here are the details on Henry's Spring Fever Reliever.

There's eats--Italian sausage and jambalaya--and a raffle, first prize is a fishing trip with Capt. Guy Lopez.

Gary Urbahn of Falcon Rods does ``Proper Rod Selection'' at 9:15 a.m. Ed Bohn does ``Lake Michigan Smallmouth Bass'' at 10:30 a.m. My seminar--``Lakefront: Gated Community or Public Space'' is at 12:30 p.m.

It's at Henry's Sports, Bait & Marine, 3130 S. Canal, Chicago, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday. Phone is (312) 225-8538.

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