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Braidwood Lake: Opening week

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For all the uncertainity surround the reopening of Braidwood Lake on March 1, it has been a pretty good week.

As this YouTube video from Mike Lynch, the Mount Carmel fishing coach and a rare young spoonplugger, shows, there's been some interesting catches at Braidwood, the cooling lake in southwest Will County.

He also sent this report from his

The bass fishing has been OK  during low light conditions but the cats have going nonstop anywhere from 5-15 foot on live bait and cranks. Water temps range from the low 60's- low 70's

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Date: 3/4/10

On The Water:7am-4pm

air temp: 36-40

Water temp: Warm

Water Color/Visibility: Green, 3 inches

Results:15+ Large Mouth Bass 15-18inches
6 Cats

Comments: Change your Hooks!! I launched on the south side of the lake and started running a 250 on a short line . Immediately I was getting tons of hits but only landed 2 fish out of 20+hits. The fog cleared and the the bright bluebird skies totally shut things down. Started working a 15 foot breakline with the same results, lots of fish on but very few landed. Around noon I decided to head to the dock grab a sandwich and change my hooks. While eating, a nice patch of clouds rolled in, rushed back to where I lost a nice bass in the morning and the fish were going cray and with the new hooks I was able to land most of them. As fast as the clouds appeared they were gone and the fishing slowed down. 

Braidwood 3/6
Saturday, March 6, 2010

Date: 3/6/10

On The Water:2pm-5:30pm

air temp: 40

Water temp: 60-70

Water Color/Visibility: Green, 3 inches

Results: 2 Large Mouth Bass 15 inches
2 Cats

Comments: Fishing was much tougher today then the last trip but with nothing but bluebird skies, conditions were not the best. All fish were caught trolling a 15 foot breakline on the south end of the lake. Im still having problems losing fish, not sure if its the hooks or the fish are just not totally committing to the bait. 

Braidwood 3/8
Monday, March 8, 2010

Date: 3/6/10

On The Water:10:30am-3:30pm

air temp: 40 Overcast and foggy

Water temp: 60-70

Water Color/Visibility: Green, 3 inches

Results: 6 Large Mouth Bass 15-17 inches
2 Cats

Comments: Low light conditions have been the key.In the past three trips the movements (bass&cats) all have been taking place during low light conditions and in much deeper water then I expected. Even with great water color and dense fog, Deep water and low light have been the key to catching the larger fish. 

Bill Anderson of sent this report:

We caught a couple dozen or more Largemouth in the 5 or 6 hours we put in on Thursday. Most of them were fairly nice fish. As the last paragraph explains, at some point during a previous trip I must have gotten a little fishing line wrapped around the outboard prop. That tore up the seal which allowed the gear lube to leak and water to replace the gear lube. As we were about the midpoint of the lake heading back, the lower unit went. It took a long time for us to get back using the trolling motor. . . .

But apart from that, awesome trip. First time I've seen turtles come out of
the water when it was still cold enough for the water to freeze on their
backs right away. They turned white right before our eyes as the moisture
froze. I wouldn't have believed it without the photos.

And I can hardly believe the reports coming out of Braidwood.

Good stuff.

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