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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

This is always the biggest week for the Midwest Fishing Report with the smelt opener on the Chicago lakefront, Heidecke Lake reopening, spring trout season opening in Illinois and general spring fishing kicking in on rivers and lakes.


It only seems apt to run the Stray Cast here.

As of Thursday, there will be some new regulations for fishing around the broader area of Chicago outdoors.

Last year, I did shore fishing for opening day at Heidecke Lake.


Those were the days, when smelt were actually around on the Chicago lakefront.

young boy and smelt one3-30-10

Here's a rare Fish of the Week from the fly fishing world.


Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Illinois River: Prime

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SPRING VALLEY, Ill.--If one thing came out of the 24th MWC tournament Sunday, it was that the Illinois River is prime for the sauger and walleye spawn, and fishing.


SPRING VALLEY, Ill.--Taking advantage of prime spawning conditions on the Illinois River, 128 teams weighed fish in the 24th MWC tournament over the weekend.


With the probable wolf stories floating around Illinois for the past month, I have received a good many photos and stories.


The Ohio DNR has put out its Lake Erie Sport Fishing Outlook, and it looks good for the two species that matter most to Chicago area fishermen who trek east: walleye and yellow perch.

A month or so ago, Steve Palmisano asked if I would do a seminar for Henry's Spring Fever Reliever event on Saturday.


If anybody knows Danilo "Dax" Xhamilton and knows if he is still fishing the South Side lakefront in Chicago, I would love to know.

The 24th MWC and Henry's Fever Reliever lead this Wild Weekend Wanderings around Chicago outdoors.


Ryan Chew dug through some data on sandhill cranes at Jasper-Pulaski, data that strongly suggests we are not hearing or seeing things: Sandhills have truly rebounded around Chicago outdoors.


Sen. Dick Durbin is backing the push for a fourth waterfowl zone in Illinois.

ST. JOSEPH, MICH.--I am tempted to ask, where am I?


LaSalle Lake, the 24th MWC on the Illinois River and Wolf River walleye highlight this week's Midwest Fishing Report.


It only seems apt to run the Stray Cast here.

Guys who braved the lakefront conditions Saturday morning for Henry's sixth annual coho derby deserve their due.


As befits the days on the edge of winter and spring, let's double up on Fish of the Week with a brown trout and a largemouth bass from Friday.

One of my most defining times in life was hiking southern parts of the Appalachian Trail the summer after college. Hiking the AT defines Jeff Alt even more.


Chuck Stebbins forwarded a link for a video of a guy hoggin' turtles.

Good thing they were carpenters, considering the weather Saturday.


Ray Thompson, chair of the Illini Muskies Alliance, compiled a very interesting list of the Illinois lakes that have produced 50-inch muskies.

Gone fishin': FYI NCAA

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My computer access will be very limited for the next few days. Gone fishin near St. Joe, Mich., sorta.

The consensus is in about the two possible wolves in Illinois: Likely for the trail cam while the shot one is more likely a hybrid.


There's the usual spring spread of opportunities for this Wild Weekend Wanderings around Chicago outdoors.

Here's some real proof from ``Big Nasty'' of how big bucks mean big bucks in Illinois.


Jeff ``Woody'' Roberts and I had one of those once in a lifetime hours opening morning at LaSalle Lake.


John Vukmirovich has a theory on sandhill cranes.sandhills03-06-10

Because I left Tuesday night to get in line and sleep for the opening of fishing at LaSalle Lake, I didn't have a couple regular features of the Midwest Fishing Report (click here for the full report). Here are the adds for the Des Plaines and Rock rivers, high water or no high water.

Jeff ``Woody'' Roberts called before 5 tonight and said more than a dozen boats were already lined up for opening morning at LaSalle Lake.


Open-water options are opening and ice-fishing ones are closing in this Midwest Fishing Report.


Second wolf tale: Alive

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Add yet another modern Illinois wolf tale, this one of what may be the first good photo of a wolf in modern Illinois.

Looking back at a good ice-fishing year with a look to the future in Cade Portell.


I called Tony Boshold this afternoon about the U.S. Ice Team taking gold on Sunday and busted out laughing when he gloated at the end about a Russian expected to challenge for gold busting out.

Walleye, that's the fish record most likely to go down in 2010, according to Indiana biologist Brian Breidert.


This might have been the most encouraging sign Saturday night.


John Kidd Jr. was doing stuff to get kids outside long before it became a national, state and local craze and priority.


Apparently, we better add another wolf to the wild stories around 21st Century Illinois.


Is there a barnacle goose at Wolf Lake?


As it should be this time of year, iWild Weekend Wanderings around Chicago outdoors is widely varied ((try saying that fast).


Border NWR: Hackmatack?

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A faithful reader sent me a note about the push for Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge along the Wisconsin-Illinois border in Walworth and McHenry counties.


Dan Basore keeps busy during show season around Chicago outdoors, but even he is starting to wind down as we hit week 10 for showtime, albeit a big week.


This only came, so consider it an add to the Midwest Fishing Report, the latest on Evergreen Lake.

Indiana came out with its 2009 Fish of the Year. Of area note, look at the yellow perch awards.


A multitude of transitions, most notably the shift from ice fishing to open-water fishing, leads this Midwest Fishing Report.


It only seems apt to run the Stray Cast here.

Scott Garrison caught the one and only fish Sunday, but it was one of a lifetime, a brown trout just short of the Indiana record.


Retired naturalist Barry Laga had this take on Bill Anderson's toothy opossum.


It was a mixed bag for Wisconsin deer hunting in 2009.

For all the uncertainity surround the reopening of Braidwood Lake on March 1, it has been a pretty good week.

Paul Pezalla's monster carp held up as the big fish for the two-month long MCAA winter tournament, but barely.


Brothers and sisters, spring.


The Wisconsin DNR sent a fishing update for the Root River. Click here.

Wild Sunday: Goosed

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At what point do you begin to wonder just how smart Canada geese really are?


Dave Olzeski took this buck photo in northern Illinois last Sunday, Feb. 28.


Reports of sandhill cranes are everywhere.sandhills03-06-10

To answer my own question, not in my world. But Friday was close to that nice.


Simply getting out leads this Wild Weekend Wanderings around Chicago outdoors. If you don't have any ideas, there will be some in here.


IDNR director Marc Miller has been making the rounds. And he will be making another appearance this weekend in the ninth week of shows around Chicago outdoors.


On ice: Cold steel

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There are things I just wonder about in life.


From Bill Anderson, who is usually focusing on fish at his site.


Just received this. It is never too early to start thinking of deer season

This line of Christmas trees has intrigued me for a couple weeks.


I should have joined Norm Minas playing along the Kankakee River yesterday. Instead I settle for these musings.

The Braidwood opener and some Wisconsin reminders lead this Midwest Fishing Report.


it only seems apt to run the Stray Cast here.

Kelly Cook earns Fish of the Week honors for this 22-inch, 5-pound-plus largemouth bass the Gurnee 11-year-old caught ice fishing for the first time on a lake in Libertyville on Feb. 21.


Last night, my neighbor and I were laughing at a massive flock of geese arriving from the south.


I needed this for simply an excuse to fish open water. And Braidwood Lake gave me that chance this morning.


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