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Wild Thursday: Winter river fishing as natural words

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My favorite people in the outdoors reform outdoor experiences in crafted words.


Norm Minas is one of those. And I drew a good short story from him with Wednesday's aside in the Midwest Fishing Report about those who river fish this time of the year.

Somewhere I have a better winter photo of him. It was with him a couple winters back that I caught my first smallmooth bass in 32-degree water.

But I can't find those photos, so the one above will have to do. It was a summer day I happened to bump into Norm while both of us were rambling around the Kankakee River. Technically, it was a trib of the Kankakee, even more improbably, where we bumped into each other. I was doing something with the ISA's Mike Clifford.

Back to Norm. Here's what he sent Wednesday. I think it is worth sharing, worth reading as nature writing, which is why I post it under a Wild Thursday head.

His note:

The only tracks but mine in the snow were those of rabbits and deer. The only sign of man was an empty duck blind that gave silent testimony to the hopes and dreams of a fellow sportsman. A pair of black and white ducks whistled thier protest at my approach as they flew away swiftly just above the water's surface. The loud, raucous calls of a flock of geese was soon added to the mix.

The water was clear but cold at 35 degrees as I waded out to fish some current seams. That I had two smallies take my crankbait was an added bonus to a wonderfully peaceful winter wading excursion.

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Like him, his writing has definitely improved with age.

Speaking of winter river fishermen I had hoped to flush out with the aside.

We really need to persuade Norm to bring a camera along. His experiences are too valuable for the written word alone!

I like photos, but even better are well-stacked words.

Especially when certain a journalist said , you aren't touching my new camera with those slimy hands. You're already holding the fish, I'll take the picture.

Dale that picture of me and the big carp was on the bulletin board at work for a long time.

Beware of journalists with a wicked sense of humor.

P.S. I prefer working with words to using a camera. I'm not allowed to take pictures at home, it's alleged I don't know how.

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