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Wild Saturday: Elgin eagle

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Bob France's photo, hyped up by his son-in-law Jake Rickelman, illustrates nicely a larger point about eagles around Chicago outdoors.


Here's his note:

i saw an eagle soaring above the elgin public library on friday 2/26/10 at about 4pm it landed in the trees on the west side of the fox river and i took this picture with my cannon eos (300mm lens) my son inlaw jake rickelman "developed" it for me Why drive to ottowa or galena - they are here if u look!

There is more truth in that last sentence than probably some interests would like to admit.

Eagles are here around Chicago.

The ones on the Southeast Side are no real secret any more, though many people living there probably don't realize it.

Just a few years ago, eagle sightings along the Kankakee, Fox or DuPage rivers was something of note. It's still noted, but is becomeing far less rare.

Not sure I am ready to call eagle sightings common around Chicago outdoors yet, but we are close to that point.

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Down around Yorkville on the Fox, the sightings have become pretty common. I sent you those photo's a few weeks ago, and this weekend from my front porch vantage point I saw them a half dozen times. Someone else reported seeing 8 in this area, but I have a feeling a few were the same bird counted twice. But I could be wrong.

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