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Wild Monday: Eagle at Montrose on Sunday

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There was a bald eagle flying around Montrose on Sunday.

Chris Hession nominated his friend's catch for Fish of the Week. Today I was reading through nominations when I read to the end of his and caught this description:

Also, I know you're a birder from IBET and I thought I'd pass along that I saw a bald eagle at Montrose Harbor yesterday... I'd certainly never seen a bald eagle so deep into the city and it was a rare treat to see one in the heart of a Chicago winter. Clear skies, brisk wind and I was able to get great looks with and without my binoculars as the bird flew no more than 20-25 feet over us while being chased by some crows. He appeared to be just short of fully matured as his white head was only about 80% in so I would guess he was a 2d or 3d year juvenile. Truly a great thing.

That is a great sight.

IBET is an e-mail network for discussing birding and birding issues in Illinois.

We have not yet reached the point where eagles in Chicago are common, but it certainly has moved beyond being front page news, what with the eagles even trying to nest on the Southeast Side over the past several years..

And I am not sure what that means in the scheme of Chicago outdoors or about our national symbol.

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