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New watchdog: On the HSUS

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The Humane Society of the United States will receive hardcore monitoring with the launch today of I would add we have needed this a long time.

This seems truly legit.

HSUS is flat out a bad organization, and shining light on its doings should only help with both humans and animals.

I think many people give to HSUS, just thinking they are helping with pets.

If I understand the background right, the Center for Consumer Freedom is basically a push-back to allow us to eat what we want without interference from authorities. I am overstating slightly, but that is the gist of the group.

Here's the launch release:

Consumer Group: New Watchdog Website Monitors the Humane Society of the United States Scrutinizes Biggest American Animal Rights Group, Separates Fact from Fiction

Washington, D.C. - Today the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) is announcing the launch of, a watchdog project dedicated to analyzing the activities of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). HumaneWatch will include a blog written by CCF's Director of Research, a growing document library, and a database capable of tracking the dozens of nonprofit (and for-profit) organizations that make up HSUS's sprawling financial empire.

The Humane Society of the United States has become the animal rights industry's most powerful player, but it has avoided serious public scrutiny for years. HSUS raises nearly $100 million annually from Americans who largely believe their donations filter down to local pet shelters and improve the lives of dogs and cats. But in 2008, less than one-half of one percent of HSUS's budget consisted of grants to actual hands-on "humane societies" that deal with the thankless task of sheltering unwanted pets.

"Someone has to ask the hard questions about the Humane Society of the United States, and HumaneWatch will be a relentless source of useful information," said CCF Director of Research David Martosko. "Nearly 1 million Americans donate money to HSUS every year. And most are completely unaware that they're bankrolling PETA-style propaganda, far-reaching anti-meat campaigns, a huge staff of lawyers, and bloated pension plans for HSUS executives."

In 2008 alone, HSUS put more than $2.5 million into pension plans--money that its own advertising suggested would be put toward the direct care of animals. (HSUS neither operates nor is legally affiliated with, any pet shelters anywhere.)

Martosko continued: "Even the best charities can run off the rails, so it's no surprise the professional dog-watchers need their own watchdog. Donors to the Humane Society of the United States deserve to know exactly how their money is being spent. HumaneWatch will create an open dialogue for farmers, scientists, fashion designers, entertainers, and countless Americans who love both their pets and their chicken sandwiches."

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Wow -- Someone finally had the guts to take on "Humane Wayne"? Grab a front row seat. This is going to be great.

I work at the HSUS, and the caricature of our organization presented by the Center for Consumer Freedom is truly remarkable. The CCF is an industry front group for tobacco, alcohol, and agribusiness interests that started with a $600,000 grant from tobacco giant Philip Morris. The group’s stock-in-trade involves taking aim at organizations that promote food safety, public health, or animal welfare. For example, the CCF consistently attacks the HSUS’s work to combat factory farming, puppy mills, the Canadian seal slaughter, commercial whaling, and other large-scale cruelties.

The HSUS is not affiliated with local shelters, so it shouldn’t be surprising that most of our budget is directed toward other programs. These include large-scale animal cruelty issues that most shelters don’t have the time or resources to address.

We agree that nonprofits should be held to a high standard. Readers are welcome to review our annual reports for themselves at The HSUS has consistently received a four-star rating from Charity Navigator, and our organization meets all of the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance standards.

Anyone who is interested in finding out what the HSUS has done so far in 2010 can find more information here:

And in addition to animal advocacy efforts, our organization provides direct care for animals through a number of avenues; check out

THis is the very same letter that was posted on another site by yet another employee of HSUS. HSUS is not going to put anything in print they don't want the public to know. They are extremely good at leaving out important facts, that is where HumaneWatch will come in.

From reading the wikipedia page (I know, not the best source of info), CCF doesn't look like they have a stellar record (they are against Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which has reduced the number of drunk driving deaths, something we can all appreciate no matter what political affiliation). Looks like one group on the end of the spectrum reporting on a group that's on the other end. Should be interesting to say the least. I'd like to see the HSUS report on the CCF, that way the public has both sides to each story and the public can make their own decisions.

HSUS Rocks!!! I'm not surprised that AstroTurfing CCF is intimidated... I suppose that's an awesome sign...

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

My donations to HSUS will continue...

I won't disagree with anyone who wants to donate to HSUS, but they'd better know what they're supporting. Their donation solicitations don't resemble their actions. So donate to them if you believe the following.

1. If you believe that Pit Bull puppies which are too young to be weaned are already so dangerous that they must be killed.

2. If you believe that it's ok to raise money to "help" the dog fighting victims in the Micheal Vick case, even though you don't have those dogs in your possession or contribute money to their care, then also recommend they all be killed.

3. If you want a future with no domestic animals at all. No pets, no handicapped assistance dogs, no search and rescue dogs, etc.

“We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.” - Wayne Pacelle

4. If you believe that it's ethical to raise nearly $35 million for the animal victims of Hurricane Katrina, then spend less than $7 million, leaving other organizations to struggle with their care.

5. If you believe that it's ethical to raise money for the animals in Haiti, then turn around and claim that their experts have determined that there's nothing to be done there.

6. If you want your money to go to an organization with ties to domestic terrorism.

I personally don't agree with any of those, and I can back each and every claim up with examples.

Just in the interests of time--only a couple of comments back to Shane. #1--HSUS has changed its position on pits--now supports evaluation before disposition. #3--that quote was about some specialty breeds of domestic cattle. Never had anything to do with dogs. HSUS has funded s&r dog teams, and I've seen their offices--a couple dozen dogs go to work with their owners every day. Crazy to say they're anti-pet. #6--insane charge. HSUS has been opposed to violence for decades and very open about it. Not to say I agree with everything they do/say, but Shane is on another planet.

Wow, is Dale Bowman a journalist or is this a letter to the editor? How could anybody with a brain be sucked in by the CCF? It's plain as day who pays for their claptrap PR. In the case of the CCF's "spin" on the HSUS, my bet is on the AKC, the Hunte Corp, Petland and the puppy miller lobbying organizations paying the CCF to spit out these stories. Those groups are fighting tooth and nail to discredit the HSUS at every turn. Why? Because the HSUS is the ONLY organization exposing the hideous factory farming of man's best friend. Very few people knew what a puppy mill was until the HSUS started putting more resources toward it. And the more the puppy buying public learns of this tragic industry, the fewer puppies they'll buy from petstores and register with the AKC.

My support is with the HSUS as is my money.
Dale Bowman -- shame on you! Or are you a paid jpurnalist of the CCF, too?

HSUS is the only group today fighting at the national level against corporations and interest groups that support animal abuse. That's why these corporations have paid CCF to attack HSUS. And that's why HSUS deserves our support.

I'm open minded. Show me that HSUS has evaluated pit bulls since their new policy change and recommended that some can be safely rehabilitated. Until I see that, it looks like they just paid lip service after realizing that most people are horrified at the recommendation that hundreds of dogs be slaughtered based solely on their breed.

As for domestic terrorism? Check out John Goodwin's criminal record.

"If I had my personal view, perhaps that might take hold. In fact, I don’t want to see another dog or cat born." -- Wayne Pacelle

What kind of author would publish anything by the corporate front group CCF? Even the CCF's founder, Richard Berman is called dispicable by his own son.


"My father is a despicable man. My father is a sort of human molestor. He props up fast food/soda/factory farming/childhood obesity and diabetes/drunk driving/secondhand smoke. He attacks animal lovers, ecologists, civil action attorneys, scientists, dieticians, doctors, teachers… This winter I decided that my band was too small of a force to ever come close to undoing a millionth of all the harm he has caused. To you and everyone you know. Literally, if you eat food or have a job, he is reaching you.”

And before you believe ANYTHING this scumbag prints, read about him at

I enjoy reading from the Shanes of the world. They have no idea they dig themselves and their "cause" ($$$) a deeper hole with every "slippery slope, it's the end of dog ownership" post. Gasp, even service dogs will no longer exist! Bring it on, Shane et al. You continue to demonstrate who the real whackadoodles are in the fight against canine factory farming. Hint: it's not the HSUS or Best Friends or rescue organizations fighting on behalf of the dogs. And the donating, dog-owning public clearly knows it.

Shane, your attack on John Goodwin is ludicrous. Yes, when he was 19 he got in trouble for vandalism. That was in 1992. But for the past 10 years he has been extremely outspoken in condemning radical tactics, and in encouraging young animal rights activists to work within the system. You'd think he'd be the kind of guy you'd want to hold up as a role model of reform. Except... I think you'd rather him be a monster so you'd have a talking point to use against HSUS. I'll donate $100 to HSUS today because of you.

The head of the organization has stated that he wants no puppies or kittens to ever be born again. And I'm crazy for wondering where service dogs would come from if that happened?

I support many animal welfare organizations. I adore Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and support what they do. I wholeheartedly agree with and other similar organizations. I support the No Kill movement. HSUS has testified against the Companion Animal Protection Act, designed to make San Francisco a No Kill community. Why?

A bigger percentage of my income goes to the actual care and sheltering of homeless animals than the HSUS's. Not that it's hard to beat theirs. I've spent a good portion of my adult life rescuing shelter animals and rehoming them.

In a poll, 94% of Americans believed that HSUS funds local shelters. Where do they get that silly idea? It's because the donation solicitations from HSUS always feature starving dogs and cats and imply that your donation will be used to assist them.

Have you seen this one?

HSUS didn't rescue Faye, and until there were complaints about it, they hadn't offered to share any of those funds with the people who rescued and cared for her. Explain to me how that's ethical. Even after poor Faye's death, they're still using her sad story to solicit donations.

Darn right I get upset about HSUS. I continue to support the animal welfare movement. I get really angry that funds meant to assist homeless animals are sent to HSUS under the mistaken impression that that's what the money will be used for.

I can be for animal welfare and still be against the HSUS's misleading practices.

John Goodwin - one of the hoods that Wayne Pacelle brought into the HSUS family because he can be controlled and he is intimidating. Right now he is in charge of the 'rescue' where he goes into facilities, plants things to take pictures, gains warrants on illegally taken pictures, and then goes in and convinces the owners that charges will be dropped IF they sign over their animals.
#1-He acts like law enforcement flashing his badge and talking big. This is illegal impersonation of law.
#2-He participates in gaining the warrant and does it illegally.
#3-Tell the people charges will be dropped. Now he is a district attorney?
#4-Somehow he is getting into areas and convincing people that he knows best and gets them to beat the real authorities to the punch.
#5-The big kicker, by getting these people to sign over the animals, the shelters that end up with them can sell them almost immediately. The problem-this is evidence but he always gets them to sign over ownership of the animals BEFORE the warrant is presented. In other words he gets rid of the evidence before the owner even gets the warrant and the case is heard in court!
JP is the head gangster of the entire illegal workings of the HSUS. The problem is that now we in the dog world have learned not to sign over our dogs except to a legitimate law officer. JP shows up on my property without law enforcement and this translates into trespassing. He knows this and so do I.
Everyone else who has written against the HSUS has given the real side. It is not pretty and Whiney Wayne will defend every move that he makes. The problem is he always moves in the direction that the money is and for public approval as this is where the money is at. But he will defend it!
Everyone who believes the HSUS is great are mainly tree-hugging-hippy types left over from the 60's who believe in whatever cause they can wrap their little brains around (and just because they were not born for the 60's, the same mentality exists).
Yes, the CCF has done what is reported. They believe in providing people choice. They believe that people if given the chance and opportunity to learn about different things are intelligent enough to make their own decisions. Even when this means going against good organizations. CCF is trying to preserve your right of choice instead of dictation by the government through laws and more laws. Last time I knew the Constitution provided for choice, not for dictatorship.
So which group do you want to follow: One that actually admits to what they are, what they have done in the past, and believe that people are intelligent enough to govern their own lives...
One that plays on emotions, takes your money and lies all the way around about what they really do? One that doesn't believe that people have the right to make informed decisions but rather feeds those emotions so only their side is viewed and is supposed to be believed.
Personally, I can make informed decisions about my own life and property.
HSUS keep out of my life, off of my land and your hands away from animals.

I'm so happy to see this. It needs to be done for PETA too. I've been involved in dog rescue, mostly American Pit Bull Terriers for over a decade. Never once has any rescue I've volunteered with gotten 1 single cent from HSUS or PETA. They are always the first groups to stick their faces in front of any available media & hold out their hands for donations. Then they take the money & run. They had the nerve to run a donation campaign to "help the Vick dogs" ! They never had a single vik dog in their care & actually said all the dogs should be euthanized because they were beyond hope of being salvagable. Hilary, Neda, & all the rest of you HSUS supporters keep on drinking the kool aid. As for the rest of us with real life experience in rescue, we'll keep spreading the truth.

The reason that the CCF's "backers" have stepped up their paid propoganda machine against the HSUS is because Missouri, Iowa and Oklahoma are all considering legislation to license and inspect the larger puppy factories. Anybody involved in rescue knows those three states are among the top producers of pet store and internet puppies (and purebred/designer dogs that land in shelters) and thus a large portion of revenue for the puppy profiteers: the AKC, the Hunte corp, Petland and the puppy millers. Thankfully, the puppy pimps are losing the war state by state. The legislators' overwhelming support from their dog-owning, animal loving constituencies is what counts. Not the ridiculous paid PR from the CCF.

I see that claim that CCF supports puppy mills being made a lot, but is there any information to back this up? Show me some proof. Being against PeTA and HSUS doesn't qualify as proof of being pro puppy mill.

We're supposed to take on faith what the CCF and 'activist cash' says? An organization that wants us all to drive drunk, smoke like chimneys and harden our arteries with as much saturated fat the fast-food industry can ram down our throats?
CCF and their corporate cronies are targetting HSUS because HSUS is effective at what it does. Not only hands-on rescue of puppy mill animals and other abused creatures, but in raising public awareness about the horrific abuse happening to animals right now, all in the name of making a buck, be it sickening torture of veal calves at a slaughterhouse, the nightmare of factory farms, or the monstrous treatment of puppy mill animals, the slaughter of wolves to prop up welfare cattle ranchers. Be afraid, corporate abusers, be very afraid--the public will not tolerate your mistreatment of animals any longer. Thank you to HSUS and PETA and the many other organizations that work each day to effect change, and not just stick their fingers in the dam.

The CCF doesn't support ANYTHING unless they are PAID to do so. They are a PAID front group, not a group of nice people who just write articles or set up websites to support a position, and then use viral marketing to electronically distribute causes that are "near and dear to their hearts". CCF writers are paid employees of CCF -- paid to denigrate whoever is their target. There is a lot of money exchanging hands here.

Who is paying the CCF? The CCF does NOT share where their funding comes from -- for obvious reasons. They want to appear to be a group of people fighting for "consumer freedom"....thus their that people like Mr. Bowman will spread CCF propaganda as the "truth". In the case of the CCF targeting Mother's Against Drunk Drivers, it ain't hard to read between the lines that it's the alcohol lobby because they stand to lose a lot of $$$ and are willing/able to pay the CCF.

In the case of the HSUS, the CCF is being paid by whoever will be losing money to the programs the HSUS's donations are supporting. The goal of the HSUS's enemies is to leverage the CCF is to discredit the HSUS in order to reduce HSUS donations so that the HSUS won't be as powerful a voice. One of the HSUS's causes is puppy mills and who stands to lose $$ if the puppy mill laws are enacted? My bet is still on the puppy pimps -- AKC, Petland and Hunte -- but they're trying to rope in the meat and poultry industries against any puppy mill legislation because those "agribusinesses" have mega lobbying bucks. (Yes puppy millers consider themselves an agribusiness as well, but shhhhh, don't tell the puppy buyers that!)

The internet w/ viral marketing has produced front groups, like the CCF, to take advantage of the gullible, like Mr Bowman, who will spread and endorse their paid propaganda far and wide.

The CCF and their new, slick website targeting the HSUS just confirmed that it IS the puppy mill lobby that's funding them. They released what is obviously a studio produced video with actors (e.g., EXPENSIVE) aimed at the HSUS' work on behalf of dogs. That script and acting didn't just "happen". Somebody paid big bucks for that.

All this PR and lobbying money going to support puppy mills. Wow. Too bad it isn't going toward canine health research or purebred rescues. No wonder the CCF doesn't release the names of the organizations funding them.

I'm thrilled that CCF is keeping an eye on H$U$. Now, if only the IRS and the FBI would, too!

Do you really trust THIS guy to rescue animals?

“I don’t have a hands-on fondness for animals.”— Wayne Pacelle

One generation and out. We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals." --Wayne Pacelle

"I don't want to see another dog or cat born'." --Wayne Pacelle


The paid shill for HSUS named Hillary refers to "other programs". Those "other programs" are legislation--hundreds and hundreds of bills in almost every state--that seek to impose a radical social agenda upon the rest of us.

I have fought this legislation for years in several states. The legislation openly supported by the horrible HSUS goes way beyond "malum in se", that is, laws that prevent cruelty because the actions are cruel. The laws openly supported by the horrible HSUS delve into "malum prohibitum", that is, laws that seek to make previously legal acts illegal. Like owning pets.

The Center for Consumer Freedom does not hide who they are. The horrible HSUS is a deceptive money-making machine.

Hillary, and her paid colleague, Sarah, appear on every blog and comment section to shill their propoganda.

Me thinks the ladies doth protest too much.

Gee, Anonymous, or should we call you Frank Losey? It doesn't look like you're doing a very good job at fighting the legislation, since state after state keeps passing the laws. PA, VA, IN. Didn't IA just pass? And OK is on its way. You might be out of a job soon. Sorta makes one think that these laws are passing for a it's the right thing to do?

Our country has a history of doing the right thing and in many cases that meant enacting laws to make previously legal acts illegal. How about ending slavery? How about women's suffrage? How about segregation? The puppy factories can no longer operate their houses of horrors hidden behind the veil, thanks to the HSUS and others for speaking out on the behalf of the dogs. Blame the HSUS all you want. They just got the ball rolling by lifting the veil.

It is ironic to note that the Dale Bowman, CCF, and HumaneWatch are allegedly being accused on here of being paid groups by "the puppy millers" and other quote "animal abusers" (where is the evidence for this?) when there are HSUS employees right on this discussion thread such as "Hilary" openly admitting to being employed by said organization. As if that is not being paid!

There are a lot of things that CCF supports that I don't agree with but they are right on the mark with their criticisms of HSUS and I whole-heartedly welcome their corporate-financed support. We need that help to level the playing field a bit. For the last five years I have been fighting (at my own expense from my meager retirement income) the radical fringe of the "animal rights" movement in which HSUS is a major player and, believe me, it's not easy to go up against an organization that has $100,000,000.00 a year to spend on disinformation.

I got into this fight after Pacelle boasted loud and long that AB2110 would be a slam-dunk and it would be his first step toward out-lawing ALL hunting and fishing in the U.S. and then lied in front of the California Legislature in support of that bill. That was a radicalizing moment for me and a lot of other folks and we got organized and fought off that bill. Then AB1634 (mandating the forced sterilization of all of CA's dogs and cats) came along and HSUS supported it and we fought that off, too. (Forced sterilization laws always result in more, not fewer, animals being killed in shelters.)

Pacelle and HSUS have become more circumspect after those defeats. They didn't publicly support SB250, AB1634's successor, although they donated heavily to the organization that was behind it. They have gotten extremely clever in their public statements, saying things that, while not technically false if you look very, very closely at the fine print, do give a strong impression to their audience of something which is totally untrue. (And, as people have noted above, their fund-raising campaigns are brilliant examples of deception.)

We seem to scoring enough points lately that Pacelle and company are feeling the pain. Lately, when I criticize HSUS on blogs that allow comments, I get responses from young vegan fanatics who claim that they have "proof" that I am a paid operative for big business. (God, I wish that were true! Maybe I could afford a vacation and some other niceties in my life.) HSUS has conned those "true believers" into thinking that only money motivates those of us who oppose them. It couldn't be farther from the truth. We oppose HSUS to protect the animals that we love.

I'm UNPAID for what I do in fighting the horrible HSUS. In typical radical fashion LisaB, you attack the messenger and refuse to discuss facts.

One very important fact is that there is NO legal definition of a "puppymill" anywhere in statute in the US.

The laws written and supported by HSUS are being passed all across the county because too many legislators are in the pockets of the horrible HSUS. The horrible HSUS lies to the legislators and the media. Folks like me are slandered and libeled when we try to shed light on the discussion.

Most of what the horrible HSUS does occurs in a vaccuum unbeknownst to most folks. Thank you, Dale Bowman, for writing this article. I hope you'll let us know when you get a nastygram from Wayne Pacelle or one of his army of lawyers.

"I hope you'll let us know when you get a nastygram from Wayne Pacelle or one of his army of lawyers."

Ha! You really do know how they operate!

When the very NAME of the organization is designed around deception, ...well the agenda can only be at least as nefarious.

Dale've been had!!!!

or else your just a REALLY bad writer. Do you really believe your own article or are you PAID to trash anyone who might hurt the bottom line of these major corporations?? Better yet, you must be a PAID propaganda employee of the CCF.

C'mon, tell us, inquiring minds want to know!

john649, Dale is too much of a gentleman to respond to your drivel, but I'm not.

Ad hominem attacks reflect more upon the accuser than the accused......and your accusations above have ZERO substance.

Wayne look out the feds are comin for you, real soon..

I've done some reading and it looks like Wayne and Richard are about as bad as each other. Can we get them a cell together?

Anyone that believes HSUS has been lobbying the government,
Follow the instructions below.

1. ******* Sign the White House petition to investigate the HSUS Lobbying********

Other links to sign the petition include:!/petitions!/petition/investigate-humane-society-united-states-non-compliance-lobbying-disclosure-act-1995/42RtSR6W?

Be patient – with overuse the site is slow and will say it is down. Just keep trying. We have to reach the 25,000 by February 1, 2012.

Write your Reps about the Lobbying disclosure act. For more information and instructions:

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