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Mundelein Buck of the Week: Unplugged

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We'll end this season of Buck of the Week: Unplugged with verve and style, a YouTube video of multiple bucks in Mundelein sent by Tom Rada. {LATE ADD: Unfortunately, I need to figure out how to repost the video for public consumption..Until then, those with YouTube accounts, go to]


Rada e-mailed, ``All total there was eight bucks and one doe.''

The date was Feb. 7. I found that quite surprising to have that many bucks still carrying good racks. The shed hunters have already been out in the snow looking for sheds.

BOTW: Unplugged is a weekly celebration of big live bucks around Chicago. It runs Sundays on the outdoors page of the Sun-Times. An extended online version is usually posted here Saturday or Sunday.

I believe this is it for BOTW: Unplugged for the 2009-10 season. I will resume BOTW: Unplugged again maybe late summer or early fall when I get a few offerings stockpiled.

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video link is non-viewable...set to private only.

Nice catch Fishaholic. Sorry, I thought I did it right. Not sure if I can fix it or not. Until then, I will take it down.

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