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IHSA bass fishing: Sectional news

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The good news is that the IHSA added Wolf Lake as a sectional site. The bad news is that Tampier was kept as a sectional.


Shabbona Lake, where St. Charles North won last year (above), will host a sectional again. The other sectional sites for Chicago-area schols are the same: Busse, the Chain O'Lakes (two sectionals), Heidecke, LaSalle and Skokie Lagoons.

Chicago has 12 schools listed as entered in sectionals. They are split between Wolf Lake and Skokie Lagoons. South Side schools are listed at Wolf :Lake, the North Side ones at Skokie Lagoons.

I bumped into new Simeon coach Floyd Simpson on Sunday during the Mike Iaconelli seminar and Simpson said he hoped they would get Wolf Lake as a sectional because his kids have confidence fishing there. Good news for them. Actually, that should be good news for all schools listed there.

I still think Chicago should host a sectional on either the Cal-Sag/Lake Calumet or the Chicago River. That would draw some major interest.

The complete list of sectionals is posted here.

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Did not see in the article why you stated: "The bad news is that Tampier was kept as a sectional." Can you please explain?

The sectional was embarrassingly tough last year. Only two schools advanced and one those advanced with a bass that might have been the lightest 12-inch largemouth ever weighed in a tournament. It's nice of FPDCC to open up three sites for sectionals, but the south suburbs would be better served with a sectional on the Cal-Sag, the Chicago River or even out of 95th Street.

i think chicago river would be sweet

It would get all kinds of publicity. I think the IHSA missed a great PR opportunity last year in the first season by not having a sectional on the Chicago River. And there is a good accessible launch at Western, perfect for hosting a sectional.

I would seriously consider Lake Michigan an option... At least within the downtown city limits and inside of the break-wall. Now THAT would be cool!

Cal-Sag wold be a fun event without a doubt. Lots of numbers in that system for everyone to enjoy.

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