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Fish of the Week: Jackson Park rainbow

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``Isn't it beautiful,'' Ray Hinton asked. Yes, beautiful enough for the rainbow caught ice fishing at Jackson Park harbor to take Fish of the Week honors.


Jackson Park is one of the forgotten or seldom mentioned ice fishing spots in Chicago harbors. Depend on Hinton to make do some serious fishing there.

On Thursday, Hinton sent this:

This is the kind of rainbow trout Carl and i use to catch at will in the 80's,90's and early 2000's..........except much larger.....Carl pulled um thru the hole for me today.......what a flashback.....

In a followup, Hinton gave these details:
The fish was right under 8 pounds 7lbs 12 or 13 0unces, i hit it with a silver and green swedish pimple tipped with bee-moths or waxes worms, location jackson park.

That makes the first FOTW on the ice at Jackson Park.


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