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Chicago outdoors: Showtime, Bye Week

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Last week was the only bye week for shows around Chicago outdoors this winter. That brings me to this boat.

The Twin Troller X10 is the deal. The inexpensive, two-man, electric boat is made by Carolina Electric Boats.

There aren't that many things that truly get me excited to product test, but this is one that interests me..

I found my way to this boat because of this guy, Dave Rutz.


The Plainfield man sells fishing-related stuff of all sorts (and golf stuff, but that's another story) to boat dealers, tackle and bait shops. He gets all around the Chicago area..

If he sees me coming at a show, he uusally nabs me and bends my ear with some sales pitch on the latest and greatest.

Before the show season even started this year he sent me an e-mail about the Twin Troller.

I found Rutz at the Chicago Muskie Show and he took me around to Bedford Sales, where they had one on display.

Bedford also had one displayed at America's outdoor Show.

rutz will have one from Frank Hyla of Time on the Water Outdoors, the former Riverview Marine, in Spring Valley at the Tinley Park Fishing and Outdoors Show. It will be booth C-15, I think, the Denali Rods/Twin Troller booth.

BTW, Time on the Water Outdoors will have its grand opening on Feb. 27-28.

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