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A star is born: Chef Green Acres

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Remember this guy. You will see him again.


That's Mike ``Chef Green Acres'' Ventresca in the middle of explaining the venison meatballs he was frying up Sunday.

If there was a revelation at America's Outdoor Show in Rosemont to close out January it was Green Acres.

Considering it was a show with veteran proven stars like Babe Winkelman, Mike Iaconelli and Spence Petros, it takes something to stand out.

Green Acres has that something.

My favorite part about him is how he just took to the stage. When I asked him about it Sunday, he said it was because he was used to being in front of crowds from his younger days riding bulls in the rodeo.

I am sorry that I missed the highlight of the show when he cleaned out a deer hung from the ceiling of the Stephens Convention Center, which I am guessing was a center first.

Green Acres treated hundreds to cleaning and cooking techniques, then offered tastes of venison meatballs, blackened fish, blackened back straps and marinated game and fish to people who kept going back into line.

Yes, it was that good.

On Sunday, Sandy Patrick was pulled out of the audience to help cook and I think he nailed it, ``Somebody get this guy a television show.''

I'd watch.

Long-time readers know how much I love the combination of the outdoors and cooking.

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