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Rick Clunn is the greatest.clunn1

94 floors. About 28 minutes. That's my time, the YouTube video is not me, just the best I found for this year's Hustle Up the Hancock

Wild Saturday: Elgin eagle

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Bob France's photo, hyped up by his son-in-law Jake Rickelman, illustrates nicely a larger point about eagles around Chicago outdoors.


It's a wonderfully diverse Wild Weekend Wanderings around Chicago outdoors.


I always find the annual sport fish consumpition advisories from the Illinois Department of Health a thing of wonder.

I like to trot out a word like eclectic now and then, and it fits this week, make it week eight for shows around Chicago outdoors.

While on Braidwood Lake reopening to fishing on Monday, might as well post info on the Fishing for a Cure event in May.


The Braidwood Lake opener, Navy Pier perch and ongoing ice fishing lead this Midwest Fishing Report.

braidwood3-01-04 001

It only seems apt to run Stray Cast here.

Brian McArthur nominated his 8-year-old son Joshua for Fish of the Week for this 19-inch, 2.5-pound rainbow trout caught on Saturday.


The way this winter went around Chicago outdoors, it makes sense that the area will be well represented by ice fishermen at the World Ice Fishing Championship next month in Rhinelander, Wis.


The PR folks for the Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago talked me into doing Hustle Up the Hancock on Sunday.

More than six years ago, I called Jerry Pabst ``the old man of Lake Michigan'' in a column. Nothing's changed, except he is older and just picked up a national honor.


As first reported in the Sun-Times on Jan. 13, the IDNR was being pressured again by big shooter watefowlers to request four waterfowl zones. That request has formally been made. Letter to be posted shortly.

Thursday afternoon, after six days, sturgeon spearing ended on Winnebago and the Upriver Lakes in Wisconsin with 82 sturgeon topping 100 pounds. Here's the recap, maybe most notable are sturgeon guru Ron Bruch's remarks at the end.

Ice fishing leads this Wild Weekend Wanderings around Chicago outdoors.


Illinois hunters will find some interesting nuggets for thought in this report on Indiana hunters topping 130,000 deer in harvest for the first time.

The triggers were hit and sturgeon spearing on both Winnebago and the Upriver Lakes will end at 12:30 today. There's a couple nuggets about size structure at the end of Wednesday's recap that I want to mull a bit more.

A St. Charles woman winning with a big fish and rumors of Ed Mullady's demise greatly exaggerated lead this ``Guys, gossip & gals'' of Chicago outdoors.

A look at weekend ice fishing events, results of ice fishing events and a catch-up on sturgeon spearing lead this Midwest Fishing Report.


It only seems apt to run the Stray Cast here.

For the fourth time in the last five weeks, a big northern pike earns FOTW honors, this time one caught by Kyle Singleton at Willow Slough.


Now it's back to the regular methods of surveying fish to find if any Asian carp are beyond the electric fish barrier at Romeoville.

New watchdog: On the HSUS

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The Humane Society of the United States will receive hardcore monitoring with the launch today of I would add we have needed this a long time.

What a start to sturgon spearing Saturday on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin. Ron Grishaber of Appleton, Wis. registered a 212.2 pound, 84.2-inch sturgeon Saturday morning. I find it even more interesting that a record of 34 sturgeon of 100 pounds or heavier were registered opening day.

A buddy who loves flathead-fishing on the Rock River found this YouTube video about the massive fish kill on the Rock in June of 2009.

Chalk up another big northern pike for Chicago outdoors this winter.

I haven't done anything with Pete Gleason in awhile.

Florida fishing: An update

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For those of us being plowed under by our long winter and considering a fishing trip to Florida, which has been hit by cold and snow too, Capt. Tony Petrella sent an update.


We'll end this season of Buck of the Week: Unplugged with verve and style, a YouTube video of multiple bucks in Mundelein sent by Tom Rada. {LATE ADD: Unfortunately, I need to figure out how to repost the video for public consumption..Until then, those with YouTube accounts, go to]


The Tinley Park Fishing & Outdoors Show picked up a nice coup for this afternoon to highlight week six of showtime around Chicago outdoors..

Let's see--staring at backyard birds, a couple outdoor shows, multiple ice events, night ice fishing, Illinois River decoys, sturgeon spearing, and on. Well, And for me, bowling, but we will get to that. if you want to do it and can't find in this Wild Weekend Wanderings around Chicago outdoors, you aren't trying.


Not sure what I think about this, but it probably can't hur: the Illinois Conservation Foundation and Friends of Illinois Parks are teaming on a raffle.

My favorite people in the outdoors reform outdoor experiences in crafted words.


A slew of ice-related events lead this Midwest Fishing Report.


This is a buck, not just any buck, but the pending official Illinois record for a non-typical taken by a bowhunter.


It only seems apt to run the Stray Cast here.

``Isn't it beautiful,'' Ray Hinton asked. Yes, beautiful enough for the rainbow caught ice fishing at Jackson Park harbor to take Fish of the Week honors.


The greatest boondoggle in the history of Chicago outdoors just keeps growing. Oh Eddie Landmichl, you will love this one.

Last week was the only bye week for shows around Chicago outdoors this winter. That brings me to this boat.

Mike Scott photographed this Buck of the Week: Unplugged at the forest preserve at 47th and Harlem in Stickney on Christmas.


The good news is that the IHSA added Wolf Lake as a sectional site. The bad news is that Tampier was kept as a sectional.


In a winter like this, you're either ready to stick your head into an industrial fan (I have a chair pulled up there) or wrap the weather in a love embrace. We're all over the map, literally, for winter stuff with this Wild Weekend Wanderings around Chicago outdoors.


Ray Thompson, chair of Illini Muskies Alliance, sent word that Colby Simms earned the IMA Release Trophy for 2009 with a 51-inch muskie caught on Kinkaid.

Michigan produced five state records in 2009, including the world-record brown trout.

world record brown trout

Remember this guy. You will see him again.


I would love to have something sexy to lead the Midwest Fishing Report, but I don't; other than the low pressure expected tomorrow should help kick in better ice fishing and a question about northern pike.

It only seems apt to run the Stray Cast here.

Now Chris Hession thought his friend Richard Ulbrich was exaggerating, but it ended up a worthy story and fish for Fish of the Week.


There was a bald eagle flying around Montrose on Sunday.

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