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Time on the Water: New season tomorrow

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Frank Hyla dwarfs fish.

I don't mean that figuratively.

Frank's a big guy, big enough that years ago he came from the South Side to Gordon Tech on the North Side to play basketball for Dick Versace. BTW, he also learned to read the Sun-Times on those rides.

He also learned to catch fish over the years. I have a real weakness for his television show, ``Time on the Water,'' because he focuses on waters that Chicago fishermen regularly fish and he talks honestly about his trips.

The new season begins at 9:30 Saturday on Comcast SportsNet

Here's the word from Frank:

Hi, Everyone!

Tomorrow, January 2nd, "Time on the Water" TV returns with our first show of the 2010 season. We will be airing fishing adventures for the next 26 weeks highlighting locations across the region. We fished quite a few new lakes this year that were outstanding. We also visited some of the old favorites with great success.

This first show was filmed at an old favorite. We previously filmed East Fork a few times, but we never have been able to show how great this lake really is. The weather was a factor, but, in the end, we managed to catch fish in a day that was probably better suited for a warm fire and a football game.

We're lucky to welcome a new sponsor to this year's show, "Bio Edge". These natural scents made the difference in quite a few of our shows this year. Bio Edge products are made up of 100% natural prey. Whether it's night crawler, shad, minnow, crayfish, or many others, that's what you're getting. The fish can tell the difference. Check all of the Bio Edge Scents out at There are also many exciting things happening in the "Time on the Water" world. We will have some big announcements in the coming weeks.

We are very proud to launch our new website, We made tremendous strides with our site, but these changes are just beginning. We will now have forums, message boards, fishing reports, and much more. Please check it out. Also, check out our YouTube site and subscribe. We constantly add new clips about our filming and products.

Remember, Saturday Mornings, 9:30am on Comcast Sports Net Chicago.

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