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Making fishing accessible: An evolving idea

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Probably the neatest story I found at America's Outdoor Show was the story about how this guy, Dan Badur figured out how to go fishing despite being a quadriplegic since he was 15.

Fishing Abilities Inc. is a non-profit, literally just started before the show opened on Wednesday. The hope is they can provide these innovative fishing systems, the patent has been applied for, to those who need them.


I heard some of the story from Ken Stelmaszek, who got involved when he was asked to rewire some of the machinery for Badur. And one thing led to another for the former South Sider, who has quite the story himself..

His story became the basis for my outdoors column today in the Sun-Times

America's Show runs through this afternoon at Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.

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This is fascinating information. Everyone loves to fish and we have inquiries from wheelchair bound fishermen asking about accessibility on our 40' Custom Express 'Last Mango'. Anytime that I can learn more about making the Mango available to people with disabilities, I want to know.
Please feel free to contact me with any further insights into the matter.
Best Regards,
Capt T

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