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LaSalle opener: Will open March 17

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IDNR spokesman Chris McCloud said the decision has been made to open LaSalle Lake to fishing on March 17.

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The surprise early closing time last year wrecked our plan of getting there around noonish, -figuring some boaters would be coming off the lake by then.
We knew that we would still be in for a wait for some parking to open up, but then we could fish until sunset. NOT!
Got in line, found out about the closing time being 4:00, and headed to Braidwood instead.

march 17 ? it's wednesday this year,i know the lake is closed monday and tuesdays, so if open wednesday march 17 could be open,18,19,20,21 somebody help me ! so i can take this days off.thanks

Armando, that is correct. I doublechecked last week and it looks like staffing will be in place as promised for regular hours too during March from Wednesday through Sunday.

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